ARC GO Active

The Adderbury Running Club (ARC) supports the Get Oxfordshire Active initiative fully. Now in our fifth year, ARC has always promoted the notion of “Health through Fitness”.

You possible arrived on this site while trying to find a Just Jog Leader or a “Leader in Running Fitness” who can help you get started with jogging. ARC has three members that are committed to help you get fitter. The only possible financial cost to you is getting to the starting point.

We have two entry points for joggers depending on your current state of fitness. The Absolute Beginners group and our Slow Run group. The Absolute Beginners meet on Saturday Mornings at 10.00am. The Slow Run group meet on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and Saturday Mornings at 8.00am. Depending on your progress the Absolute Beginners migrate to the Slow Run group after 3 months and within the year many enter their first 5 mile or 10k runs.

More will appear in this tab but in the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Tony Gill.