About ARC

Background: The Adderbury Running Club (ARC) resulted from a general discussion on running between Jimmy Young, Gareth Stapleton and Tony Gill at a private village party. We noted in our conversation that there were several other runners in the village. Since the discussion took place between Christmas and New Year, Jimmy sent round an email early in the new year asking if we were serious about forming a running club and having a village half marathon and while we were about it, a 10k run and kids runs at the same time. Well that took place in July 2008 and we are still here to tell the tale.

Aims: In no particular order: provide a safe and fun environment for all to run whether they are absolute beginners or elite runners; promote health through fitness; be low cost with the aim of our annual event producing a surplus so that we may support very local causes and projects; no requirement for entrants to our annual runs to collect money for charity; do most of our runs off-road so that we are safe from traffic as well as vehicle pollution.

Modus Operandi: ARC is run by a committee of volunteers and aims to break-even each year. We keep membership fees as low as possible and use the local pub, the Bell Inn, as our office and meeting place when necessary. We operate most of the time in the virtual world. We are affiliated to England Athletics and operate under their rules.

Our annual runs, always on the Second Sunday of July, produce a small surplus as the youth runs are partially subsidised and the costs of organising the event are relatively high. As any race organiser knows, having a sufficient number of volunteers and marshals on the day is vital. To encourage people to assist in this vital role we make a £5 donation to the nominated charity of each volunteer. The majority of any surplus we make each year comes from sponsorships.

We lead runs on several days of the week, particularly at the weekend. In this regard, we have five club members trained by England Athletics as “Leaders in Running Fitness” and will have two”Coaches in Running Fitness” by mid 2016.