Start Running!

Whether you are an absolute beginner wanting to start running or a seasoned runner living in North Oxfordshire, you must check out the Adderbury Running Club (ARC). Yes we have a few fast runners but the majority of our members would classify themselves as slow or average pace runners. And to make the point we even lead a run known as “Slow Run Saturday” where runners cover a distance of between 4 to 6 miles depending on their level of fitness and experience.

And if that is too much for you as you begin running, we have the “Absolute Beginner” Group which on a three month cycle will start walking a 3½ mile route. With growing confidence and fitness this group then begins to walk and run the route and within 3 months will be running the route most of the time. This group is then ready to move on to the Slow Run Saturday Group.

And if you are way ahead of this Group we can link you in with the fast group that is running at about 7½ minutes to the mile mainly off-road. But if you want a slightly slower run than this pace then there is the Sunday Run. But as you may realise, you really do need to run at least three times per week if you are trying to get fit. There are some group runs on week day evenings when there is sufficient light.

Adderbury is located just south  of Banbury and is surrounded by some very attractive countryside. That is why the Adderbury Running Club does as much of its running off-road along foot paths, bridleway, tow paths and quieter B-roads as necessary. We are registered with England Athletics as a cross-country / trail club.

A good reason to join ARC is that after a while you will find someone with a similar running ability to yourself and the two or three of you can “buddy up” for company and/or safety on the run. We also like to socialise and have fun. We are not fussy about dress code as not many people will be watching you and expect to get some mud on your clothing from time to time. If you would like to communicate with a committee member then start by sending an email to Tony Gill.